• About Mr Wolf

    The new ‘Mr Wolf Urban Spices’ brings you a selection of dry spice mixes which have  been carefully curated to enhance a range of everyday and gourmet dishes, from humble scrambled eggs and stews to exotic curries and tagines.    Each packet contains a different mix, all carefully balanced and apportioned to support and promote rather than overwhelm companion spices.

    Who Is Mr Wolf?

    Lupo T. Wolf is an avowed epicurean;  a connoisseur of good food and enthusiast of the profusion of flavours and aromas of different regions and countries.    Although he’s a bit of a dab hand in the kitchen and has boundless culinary curiosity, he found the profusion of current blends of spices and seasonings all much of a muchness….with most lacking any depth of taste and flavour.     He decided to take matters into his own hands and, after much trial and refinement, is delighted to present a versatile range of spice combinations and blends aimed at taking the angst out of cooking to inspire you to greater kitchen glory.  Whether it’s a chicken casserole, rich beef stew, lamb tagine or fish ‘du jour’, there’s a Mr Wolf spice blend that will elevate your dish from the mundane to the sublime.

    How did Mr Wolf Spices Get Started and Who’s Behind It?

    OK, so Mr Wolf is a figment of the imaginations of the directors of Mr Wolf Urban Spice Man Ltd. but you get the idea.  The brand is the brainchild of culinary enthusiast Hamish Dow and fellow Northerners, Ray Watkins and George Bond. After several years of kitchen trials and feedback from professional chefs and keen home cooks, the first selection of blends was packaged and launched online in early 2019.   Since then several established professional chefs have discovered and love using the different Mr Wolf Spice mixes – some of their testimonials are posted on the website:

    Are there Any Professional Chefs Who Know and Like/Use Mr Wolf Spices?

    Yes, lots!  Such as:

    MasterChef finalist and Chef Patron of Peace and Loaf Restaurant, Dave Coulson; cookery author and demonstration cook, Carmela Sereno Hayes; cookery author and Exec Head Chef at The Mytton and Mermaid, Chris Burt; former Head Chef of The Stoke By Nyland and culinary educationalist, Alan Patton MCGB MCGC ; Exec Head Chef for Vacherin of London, Jason Ring; Michelin-star French chef and now Chef Patron of Lune in Vayres, Bordeaux, Pierre Rigothier (hence Pierre’s Erld Smokey); award-winning Chef Patron Roy Brett of Ondine in Edinburgh; award-winning two-Michelin-star chef, James Close, of The Raby Hunt in Co. Durham (hence Sweet Raby James); Natalie McVeig,  Director of I.O.Shen Knives, and Sue Currie, co-owner Netherton Foundry.

    Where and How Are The Spices Blended?

    The ingredients for the different blends are carefully mixed and packaged in a hygienically maintained professional catering outlet in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.  Packers wear protective clothing at all times, clean and disinfect work surfaces before and after packing, and maintain social distancing guidelines.  There is a plethora of individual spices – all carefully sourced – with each combination designed to enrich and enhance the core flavour of meats, poultry, seafood or vegetables.

    How Do You Recommend Using the Mixes?

    The blends can be used in so many ways – primarily by adding a teaspoon or two to dishes while they are being prepared and cooked (stews, casseroles, oven bakes, stir-fries) or as a marinade with a tablespoon or two of oil…i.e. meats and seafood, best when wrapped or covered and refrigerated overnight.  They make brilliant rubs, particularly the Pink Pecker and Pierre’s Erld Smokey – mix with a little oil to make a paste and rub over steaks, chicken pieces, pork, lamb etc then cook as usual.  To make a tasty dip, My Cellar Salt, La Rossa, The Imperial, Pink Pecker, Pierre’s Erld and Sweet Raby James can be mixed with crème fraiche and/or mayonnaise – start with a third of a teaspoon to large tablespoon of crème fraiche and/or mayonnaise and add more or either depending on personal taste.  The versatility of the blends is the main appeal.

    Once opened, the spice packs should stay fresh and potent for between six months to a year, as long as each pack is re-sealed after use and stored in a cool place.  All the spices are plant-based and are expected to appeal to vegetarians looking to add some zest to otherwise bland dishes

    Will There Be More Mixes Coming?

    More blends are in the pipeline and we anticipate launching these later this year/2020.

    Will There Be More Recipes and Can I Contribute My Favourite/s?

    The number of recipes currently posted on the website will increase as more and more professional chefs and enthusiastic cooks use the mixes with their favourite dishes and YES – we would love to get these from you!