• About Mr Wolf

    Lupo T Wolf is first and foremost an epicurean; a man of taste, style, discernment and curiosity…..and perhaps just a little bit of a rascal. His supreme fondness is for the delights of good food and the myriad flavours and aromas of the international table.

    Like you, he’s a bit of a dab hand in the kitchen but was likewise confused with the profusion of spices and seasonings available – and decided to experiment. After much trial and refinement, he is delighted to present a range of spice combinations and blends that takes the angst out of cooking and will inspire you to achieve greater kitchen glory. Whether it’s a chicken casserole, rich beef stew, lamb tagine or fish ‘du jour’, there’s a perfect Mr Wolf spice blend that will raise your dish up from the mundane to the sublime.

    Welcome to the spicy, aromatic, savoury world of Mr Wolf.

    Once you’re bit, you’re smit.