Octopus Parmo with Mr Wolfs Pierre’s Erld Smeky Spice

Octopus Parmo with Mr Wolf’s Pierre’s Erld Smeky Spice

Mr Wolfs Pierre’s Erld Smeky Spice

A subtly smoky blend with a gentle heat and aromatic notes.


Recipe created by Kyle Greenwood, Sous Chef at Multi award winning restaurant Peace and Loaf



  1. First Steam Octopus at 130c full steam for 2 hours. Once the Octopus is cooked reserve the octopus’ juice for a later sauce. Then remove the head and place to one side. Cut the legs away from the centre and half. Trim all of the octopus tips of and dice along with the head and store away for the bolognaise.
  2. To make Bolognaise lightly cook out the Shallots, Chorizo, Diced White leeks, Sweetcorn, Shemji Powder, Diced Octopus, and keep to one side.
  3. To Make sauce firstly combine Octopus stock and red wine together and reduce by half. Then add chopped tomato, basil, sage, Basil, and Mr Wolfs Pierre’s Erld Smekey Pooda and combine the Bolognaise to the sauce and reduce by half.
  4. To make Black Garlic Mayonnaise using a Thermo Mix blitz the black garlic to a smooth paste and add egg yolk. Slowly emulsify with oil and season.
  5. To Plate firstly roll one cooked Octopus Leg in Mr Wolfs Pierre’s Erld Smekey Pooda and deep fry at 190c for 2 minutes and place on top of the Black Garlic Mayonnaise.
  6. Top with Bolognaise Sauce and add Pickles of Gerkan, Red Cabbage and Baby Gem lettuce and using a Micro plain grate over 30 Month aged Parmesan to finish.

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